Understanding Your Bible Video Series

Lesson # 1: King James Bible vs All The Modern Bibles

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KJV vs Modern Bibles Undstd Your Bible Series

Febuary 2020 Newsletter

King James – Chart

Taking God at His Word

June 2019 Newsletter

Lesson # 2: Rightly Dividing The Word of truth - 2nd Tim 2:15 KJV

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Understanding Your Bible Section

March 2020 Newsletter

Stam Time Element

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Lesson # 3: The Gospel of Israel (Law) vs The Gospel of The Gentiles (Grace)

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Understanding Your Bible Study 

April 2020 Newsletter

Stam The Timeline in Scripture

Full Size Dispensational Chart

Lesson # 4: Why Follow The Apostle Paul

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Understanding Your Bible Study 

Chart Plauls_journeys-letters

May 2020 Newsletter


Lesson # 5: Salvation in Christ Alone by Faith Alone

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Salvation Undstd Your Bible Series

June 2020 Newsletter

Stam Slavery And Liberty

Saved by Faith Alone by Christ Alone

Lesson # 6: The Rapture of The Body of Christ (Grace) – to Heaven

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Rapture Undstd Your Bible Series

July 2020 Newsletter

Stam Growing Spiritually

Lesson # 7: The Resurrection of All The OT Saints From Adam on – to Earth

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Resurrection Undstn Your Bible Series Study

2020 August Newsletter

Fruits of the Resurrection

Lesson #8 : Our Adversary and his Diabolical Schemes and Tactics

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Our Adversary Undstd Yr Bible Series


Why God’s Children Suffer

Lesson # 9: Study of The Holy Ghost

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The Holy Spirit Undsd Bible Series 

2020 October Newsletter

The Holy Spirit And The Believer Today