The 7 Pauline (Paul’s) Mysteries by Pastor Tom Bruscha

7 Pauline Mysteries Part 1

7 Pauline Mysteries Part 2

The Preaching of the Cross Part 3

The Gospel of the Grace of God (PT 1) Part 4

The Gospel of the Grace of God (PT 2) Part 5

The Mystery of Israel’s Fall & Salvation Going to the Gentiles Part 6

Fall Should Have Brought Wrath Part 7

The Prophetic Fall of Israel Part 8

The Fall of Israel & Their Program Part 9

Three other Verses on the Mystery Part 10

The Great Mystery Part 11

Christ and the Church (Pt 1)Part 12

Christ and the Church (Pt 2) Part 13

The Mystery of Godliness Part 14

God Manifest in the Flesh Part 15

Godliness Part 16

Seen of Angels Part 17

Godliness Preached Unto the Gentiles Part 18

Believed On In the World Part 19

Received Up Into Glory Part 20

Mystery of Iniquity Part 21

Satan’s Devices Part 22

Five Attacks of the Devil Part 23

Satan Appears as an Angel of Light Part 24

Satan Working Against the Doctrine of GracePart 25

Seducing Spirits and Doctrine of Devils Part 26

Turned Aside After Satan Part 27

The Snare of the Devil Part 28

Five Pieces of Armor for the Christian Part 29

Five Provisions of God Part 30

The Mystery of our Resurrection Part 31

Three Resurrections Part 32

The Third Resurrection Part 33

The Resurrection Body Part 34

The Last Adam and The Second Man Part 35

Flesh and Blood Cannot Inherit Heaven Part 36

We Shall All be Changed Part 37

The Last trump Part 38

The Last Trump and the Frist Part 39

Another look at the Last Trump Part 40

Death Swallowed up in Victory Part 41

The Mystery of the Father’s Will Part 42

The Father’s Will and the Body of Christ Part 43