Prayer is pouring out our hearts before God and prayer basically, is simply conversation with God. Others may be present, but real prayer is always a conversation directly between a single human being and God himself. Prayer is communicating with your Heavenly Father regarding the details of your life in light of His Word to you. Pray in accordance with God’s will by placing your faith in what God says He is doing today, and then by faith, pray for those things. Paul wanted the Thessalonians to pray for him and for all those who labored with him in the ministry. Paul wanted them to pray that God’s Word would transform others’ lives just as it had transformed their lives. This is referring to lost people hearing God’s Word and getting saved and having a place in heaven, and believers allowing God’s grace to change their lifestyles so pray for the salvation of lost people and the spiritual growth of Christians. Paul wanted them to pray for him to have freedom to preach and teach the sound doctrine the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to him, so that sound doctrine could save and mature its hearers. Our prayers should literally be pouring out God’s Word before Him thus, we would be praying God’s will back to Him!  

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